We provide our clients with knowledgeable assistance in relation to automated transactions, intellectual property, software development, privacy and technological developments. We recognise the intricacies inherent in the area of electronic law and work closely with our clients to ensure they understand their rights and responsibilities. Our Firm keeps up to date with production developments and trends and ensure that our clients too are at the vanguard of legal technological changes.

Our team can assist you with:

  • Drafting and reviewing online terms and conditions for your business or organisation;
  • Providing advice and guidance on trademark applications and copyright issues in Vanuatu;
  • The management of the privacy, confidentiality and e-transactions and obligations of corporate, medical and individual clientele.
  • Advising international clients of the inter-jurisdictional obligations surrounding copyright, intellectual property and privacy issues;
  • Providing advice on trade mark infringement and protection of online and physical intellectual property in Vanuatu.
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