Thornburgh Lawyers prides itself on providing precise, appropriate and independent advice to companies suffering financial difficulty.

Our primary focus is on recouping businesses where possible with the relevant expertise to assist with:

  • Statutory authorities, financial institutions, trading companies, and other creditors with respect to the recovery of outstanding monies.
  • Company directors, chief financial officers, the clients of accounting practitioners and individuals concerning options available to them in various circumstances that impact on the trading of a business and opposing action taken by creditors or liquidators.
  • Administrators, liquidators, receivers and trustees in bankruptcy in respect of issues arising in the course of insolvency administrations.

We also have broad experience in:

  • Providing advice and formulating documentation to wind up a large number of subordinate companies for large international companies.
  • Consulting to companies undergoing commercial stress of persistence options.
  • Advising directors and creditors of their rights when subject to investigation or legal proceedings commenced by insolvency practitioners.
  • Advising creditors with respect to the recovery of secured and unsecured debts.
  • Consulting to insolvency practitioners concerning their rights, powers and obligations.
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