Life Insurance

Thornburgh Lawyers’ is actively involved in assisting clients to keep abreast of legal particularities and variations, handling clients’ claims and delivering results with merit.

Many people find evaluating an insurance policy or making an insurance claim to be daunting tasks, which is not surprising given that insurance law in Vanuatu varies widely according to the insurance policies and coverage in question.

At Thornburgh Lawyers, our team understand Vanuatu and the wider pacific’s legal insurance requirements for ensuring that policy holders are properly protected and that premiums are appropriate to the cover provided, as well as the minimum standards that must be met by insurance contracts and policies.

Our approach is practical, personal and professional, and our clients benefit from our lawyers’ years of experience in what can be a complex and technical area of law.

We understand the frequent difficulties that parties attempting to make a claim under an insurance contract or policy can face, including:

  • The insurer denying a claim which appears valid in the contract or policy;
  • The insurer refusing to pay out for an unreasonable amount of time;
  • The insurer laying the burden of proof on the insured party.

At Thornburgh Lawyers we:

  • Provide advice that is as clear and simple as possible;
  • Comply with all relevant orders, directions, rules and practices;
  • Do not make allegations of fact without a proper basis;
  • Prepare cases for hearings as soon as possible;
  • Present the facts and issues clearly and simply;
  • Work on cases only in genuine dispute.
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